NFT Exchange

NFT decentralized non-custodial marketplace will facilitate P2P trading between sellers andbuyers. The process will be controlled by the ExchangeManager contract. It will provide thefollowing functi



  • NFT address, the tokenID

  • Address in which they want to get paid and the amount

  • Expiration date .


  • Tx ID

This function will be used by sellers to list a new trade opportunity.

When called, the user will be asked to approve the transaction, and the NFTs will be transferred

to the smart contract . The function will generate a unique trade ID.



  • Tx ID

This function will be called by buyers to perform a trade by sending the trade ID. The function

will get the tokens to pay with from them, they need to approve them first, collect a fee, and

send the rest to the seller.At the same time, it will send the NFTs to the buyer. The trade is then marked as completed.



  • Tx ID

This function can be called by a seller to expire a non fulfilled trade to recover their NFT token.


The administrator of the smart contract can call this function to withdraw fees.


Inputs: None

Outputs: List of available NFT for sale with details.

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