High-level overview of the project's upcoming goals and deliverables.

Q1 2022

📆 Events & Conferences

🛠️ Product/Technology

  • New: Upgradable smart contracts

  • New: Batch Lend - Allow multiple NFTs to be lent in one transaction.

  • New: Generative art NFTs integration

  • New: Mystery box NFTs integration

  • New: White label credit card compatible secondary market

  • New: Lien - no collateral NFT rentals

  • New: Issue - Create Lien-ready NFTs without smart contract wrappers

  • Launch: Peer-to-Peer NFT Rentals for Solana testnet

Q2 2022

📆 Events & Conferences

🛠️ Product/Technology

  • Launch Peer-to-Peer NFT Rentals Solana Mainnet

  • New: Batch Rent - Allow multiple NFTs to be rented at once

  • New: Reserve for Specific Renter - Let owners choose who can rent their NFTs

  • New: Yield Sharing - Lender chooses how to keep or share yields or airdrops to the borrower

  • New: Unlocked Listings - Let NFTs remain in wallet when listed for rent

  • Launch Peer-to-Peer NFT Seller Financing on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon Mainnets

Q3 2022

📆 Events & Conferences

  • September 28-29: Token2049 @ Singpore, 🇸🇬

🛠️ Product/Technology

  • New: Unique Wrappers + Legacy NFT Bridge - Give our lien NFTs unique wrappers for easier 3rd party whitelisting and integration

  • Potential expansion to additional L1 chains

Q4 2022

📆 Events & Conferences

  • TBA: NFT Singapore @ Singapore, 🇸🇬

🛠️ Product/Technology

  • Launch: NFT Rental Pools testnets

  • Launch: NFT Mortgage Pools testnets

  • New: Royalties - Let creators earn royalties for all transaction

  • New: Upgradable NFTs - Allow 3rd party NFTs to be swapped with Vera-enabled NFT replicas to upgrade their utilities and DeFi capabilities

  • New: Begin DAO implementation

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